What makes our Strength and Conditioning course unique compared to other providers

  • Our Strength & Conditioning for Mixed Martial Arts is the only course in the UK specifically designed at applying S&C for MMA
  • Strength & Conditioning for Mixed Martial Arts is CIMSPA Accredited.

What will you learn?

Warm ups / cool downs

• Purpose and goals of each

• What a warm up ISN’T

• Methods


• Important movement patterns

• Biomechanical screening (checklist of “red flags” to identify movements that should be improved)

• Basic drills and exercises

Strength and power training

• Principles of strength training

• Speed and power development

• Force / velocity curve and how this applies to MMA

• Individual considerations for athletes

Stretching and mobility

• How important is it

• How to identify when something needs stretching / mobilising.

• Methods

Energy systems

• Energy systems theory

• Aerobic training

• High intensity training

Training plan design

• Week by week – balancing the different elements of MMA training

• Periodisation over time (“in camp” vs “out of camp”)

• Monitoring training load / intensity and fatigue

Weight management

• Basic nutrition

• Phases of weight loss – long term vs short term

• Principles of weight cutting, and risks associated

• Glycogen depletion

• Dehydration

• Physiological and performance effects of different weight cutting methods.

• Working out which weight class your athlete should be in. When to move up or down a weight class.

• Individual considerations for different athletes, and the importance of running a test

• Sample protocols

• Recovery

Managing the injured athlete

• Communicating and working with other professionals (physios, doctors etc)

• Principles of rehabilitation – getting the athlete back to full fight fitness

• Considerations when training around injuries

Strength and Conditioning Course Duration:

  • Two day intensive, practical & theory based course over 16 hours duration.


  • 16 hours practical course, including a 8 week case study assignment to be completed within 2 weeks.

Entry Requirements

  • Experienced CIMSPA Level 2 Gym Instructors
  • Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer’s
  • Level 4 Exercise Specialists
  • Sports coaches
  • MMA Coaches
  • Martial Artists
  • Police force PT’s
  • Fire department PT’s
  • Military PTI’s

Certification & CPD points

  • A DSW Education certificate will be issued, upon successful completion of the practical and theory assessment.
  • 16 CPD points – to help meet your continual professional development requirements.

Strength and Conditioning Course Cost

  •  £325

Strength and Conditioning Course Benefits

  • Each student will receive an in depth colour manual covering Strength & Conditioning for Mixed Martial Arts
  • Students will understand the basic fundamentals of strength and conditioning philosophies.
  • Students will understand the basics of program design, detailing how to devise mesocycles.
  • Achieve DSW Education Strength & Conditioning for Mixed Martial Arts certificate
  • Support & Guidance from DSW Education on your future CPD.

Continual Professional Development with DSW Education.

  • Automatic discount on all of DSW Education’s course solutions.

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