The company that became DSW Education was founded by Sam Dovey in 2006, under the name KBT Education. After 10 years of coaching, he wanted to introduce the benefits of weightlifting and kettlebell training to the wider fitness and coaching community.

In 2018, Sam retired from the company and it was taken over by long-time education manager Duncan Whittaker. At this point, the name was changed to DSW Education.

The company has worked with thousands of students to develop the knowledge and skill sets of personal trainers and sports coaches, so that they can recognise the benefits of Strength and Conditioning, Weightlifting, Speed training and Kettlebells.

What We Do

Today, DSW Education delivers Strength and Conditioning Courses up to level 4 accredited by CIMSPA, Weightlifting Qualifications recognised by British Weightlifting and 1st4Sport, along with Level 2 Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer Level 3 Courses recognised by YMCA Awards.

We ensure all of our students are able to correctly assess, plan and deliver Strength and Conditioning programs for their clients. We believe by completing our courses, Personal trainers and Sports coaches will develop their knowledge and abilities. They will then apply these new skills to progress their careers by adding value to their client bases and “Be the Best They Can Be”.

Core values

DSW Education has 6 core values which we believe makes us unique and differentiates us from other educational providers, in the Sport and Leisure Industry.

  • Experience – All of our Coach Educators are very experienced and continue to practice as full time coaches, working with athletes on a daily basis. This guarantees we are always developing and are able to share the latest methods with our students.
  • Qualified – All of our Coach Educators are specialists within their own fields and are qualified to each the courses we deliver. Our specialists have written the courses they deliver, which enables them to add a great deal of value from their own coaching experiences.
  • Quality – The course content that we deliver, is evidence based on researched journals. Our courses are also assessed practically and by completing a case study, to ensure the student has fully understood the subject area.
  • Focus – Our courses are limited to 20 students and we have 1 Coach Educator for 5 students, to maintain optimal focus and enhance the learning experience for our students. This is particularly important as our courses have a large practical element and we want to ensure all students receive 100% attention.
  • Accreditation – Our courses are recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals, who are accredited by Skills active.
  • Flexibility – We can travel UK wide, to your location and provide courses from your facility. We also do extensive work, with the Public and Private sectors.