This qualification is aimed at students who wish to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry as a fitness instructor in gym-based exercise. Students do not need any previous qualifications in gym or personal training to be accepted to this course, although an experience of participation within a gym environment is desirable. This course allows you to pursue your career and progress towards advanced gym instruction and to become a personal trainer. Once qualified, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully instruct and supervise safe exercise as well as design effective exercise programmes.You are then eligible to join the Register of Exercise Professionals (CIMSPA), this can be a very useful tool for qualified instructors as it allows you to market and advertise your qualification Level 2 Gym instructor to members of the public. As long as you are 16 years and older, relative fitness levels, able to read, write and communicate, this course is perfect for you!

What will you learn:

  • Advanced exercise and fitness knowledge covering:
    -bones and joints
    -muscles and muscle actions
    -core stability
    -principles of progressive training
  • Ethics, customer relationship building, safety and professionalism
  • Concepts of fitness
    • Looking at different areas suitable for training different client bases
    • Considerations applied to population ranges including age, youth, elderly, pregnancy and Disability
    • Advanced exercise and fitness knowledge
    • Advanced Resistance training
    • Advanced cardiovascular training
  • How to plan a safe and effective progressive programme/advanced session
    • Looking at health and safety protocols
  • How to instruct a safe and effective progressive programme/advanced session
  • How to evaluate a safe and effective progressive programme/advanced session

What Support Materials will you receive

  • On application and attendance, each candidate will receive a workbook and lecture material for each of the topics listed. Great for revision and useful for future qualifications, if you would like to train into further topics or enhance yourself to a personal trainer. These workbooks will provide you with the worksheets for homework based exercise sheets. Students are required to bring pens and paper for all theory sessions, along with appropriate exercise clothing and footwear for practical sessions.

Course Duration

  • You can study this course over a length of time that is suitable to you. It is generally completed over 3 months, including 6 weeks of distance learning, 6 weeks of teaching based on 1 day a week and a 1 day assessment. To complete the course you will need to attend six taught theory days, complete some homework worksheets (within your own time), and attend a final assessment, where we will assess you.


  • Practical assessments (in the gym)
    • Students will be asked to prepare a session overview and gym programme which is safe and an effective gym based session of 45-60 minutes in duration. This should be aimed appropriate for healthy participant (aged 15 or over).
    • The summative practical assessment the learner is required to teach parts of the planned session to the participant (aged 15 or over) lasting approximately 30-40 minutes. The assessment criteria that the learners will be marked against will be available and discussed in the course.
    • To finish the student will provide a written self-evaluation and action plan that accurately reflects the session taught and takes into account verbal feedback received from the participant (15 minutes). Should you be unsuccessful you will have the opportunity to retake any part of the above assessments.
  • Multiple choice
    • 2 multiple choice papers covering ‘Anatomy & Physiology for Exercise & Health’ and ‘Principals of Exercise, Fitness and Health’. Each theory paper comprises of 40 questions. 70% pass mark (which is a minimum of 28 questions) is required.
  • Theory exams and classroom based worksheets.
    •  Worksheets: ‘Health, Safety & Welfare in a Fitness Environment’ and ‘Know How to Support Clients Who Take Part in Exercise and Physical Activity’.

Entry Requirements

  • Experience of participation within a gym environment.


Gym Instructor Level 2 Course Cost

  • £660