Ultimate Kettlebells

Course Title:

  • Ultimate Kettlebells

What makes our course unique compared to other providers

  • Our Ultimate Kettlebell Course is the only Two day Kettlebell Trainer Instructor Course in the UK, which covers the Traditional Kettlebell Swings and Olympic Style Swing Variations. We also cover The Traditional Pre Swing Style Snatches and Cleans and the Dead Snatch and Clean Variations. In addition we also cover advanced assistance movements, including Pistols, 1 Leg Deadlifts covering both Ipse & Contra Lateral variations. We also cover Functional movement analysis using Kettlebells. In addition we cover advanced bottom up press variations for upper body strength. On Day 2 we step up to a more advanced level and cover 2 hand Kettlebell variations, covering Outside the Leg Swings, Dead Snatch and Clean Variations, Renegade Rows, Sots Presses, Advanced Pistols and reviewing and discussing accentuated eccentric training & Kettlebells. Our course also includes a High Intensity Interval Training Conditioning Class, utilising various movement patterns you have completed on the course. Our course then has a formal practical assessment element, to ensure you have correctly learnt the specific movement patterns. We then conclude our course with a theory section dedicated to Basic and Advanced program design. A case study is then set which must be returned back in 4 weeks.
  • The Only Advanced Kettlebell Course in the UK that is DSW Education & CIMSPA Accredited.

What will you learn

Day 1

History of the Kettlebell, Kettlebells Basics, Functional Movement Analysis, and Program design for 1-2-1 training and Kettlebell classes.

  • Swings
  • Snatch & Variations
  • Cleans & Variations
  • Pistols/Squats/Lunges
  • One leg deadlifts Ipse/Contra Lateral
  • Military Press/Bottom Up Press
  • One Arm KB Row
  • Floor Press
  • Turkish Getups

Day 2

• Advanced Kettlebells movements, Accentuated eccentric training, HIIT Conditioning Class, Advanced Program design for 1-2-1 and Group training

and Kettlebell classes.

  1. 2 arm Swings
  2. 2 arm KB Snatch & Variations
  3. 2 arm KB Cleans & Variations
  4. 2 arm KB Jerks
  5. Advanced Pistols & Accentuated eccentric training
  6. 2 arm 1 leg deadlifts & Accentuated eccentric training
  7. 2 arm Military Press/Bottom Up Press
  8. Renegade Rows
  9. 2 arm Floor Press
  10. 2 arm rows


Course Duration:

• Two day intensive, practical & theory based course over 16 hours duration.


• 16 hours practical course, including practical assessment and a case study

Assignment to be completed within 4 weeks.

Entry Requirements

• Experienced CIMSPA Level 2 Gym Instructors

• Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer’s

• Level 4 Exercise Specialists’

• Sports coaches

• Police force PT’s

• Fire department PT’s

• Military PTI’s

Certification & CPD points

• A DSW Education certificate will be issued, upon successful completion of the practical and theory assessment.

• 16 CPD points – to help meet your continual professional development requirements.

Course Costs

New Customer £330.00

Existing Customer £299.00

Course Benefits

• Each student will receive an in depth colour manual covering Basic & Advanced Kettlebells.

• Students will learn how to perform the Basic & Advanced Kettlebells lifts

• Students will learn how to teach the Basic & Advanced Kettlebells lifts

• Students will learn how to design a Basic & Advanced Kettlebell program for 1-2-1 training

• Students will learn how to design & deliver a Basic & Advanced Kettlebell class.

• Achieve DSW Education Ultimate Kettlebells status

• Support & Guidance from DSW Education on your future CPD.


• Opportunity to become a member of the DSW Education National Coaching Team

(Pending successful completion of the course and an interview with the

DSW Education Management Team.)

Continual Professional Development with DSW Education.

• Automatic discount on further courses


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