Duncan Whittaker | Managing Director

As well as managing DSW Education, Duncan is a  Strength & Conditioning Coach and a British Weightlifting Level 2  Club Coach.


John Buckland | Senior Coach Educator

John has a BSc Hons Sport Science & Physiology Degree where he specialised in nutrition


Simon Greenwood | Coach Educator

Simon is a keen tri-athlete  which has developed his ideology, which focuses on ensuring all of his clients develop functional strength, whilst simultaneously developing their aerobic and anaerobic pathways.


Mark Coulson | Coach Educator

‘Mark specializes in intergrating powerlifting and olympic weightlifting into training to gain maximum results for his clients and athletes.’

I train my clients the way I train myself: hard and smart. High intensity is important to me as I think it gets the best results in the quickest time.


Robert Leighton | Coach Educator

I find the most rewarding clients are those who want to make changes in their life and well being, whether it be, losing weight, training for a marathon or trying to fit into that wedding dress.


Billy Hannah | Coach Educator

My training Philosophy is based around High Intensity Functional Movements and incorporating large compound power movements to produce results.


Zoe “Pablo” Smith | Development Coach

Zoe is a DSW Education Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach and a British Weightlifitng Level 1 Assistant Club Coach. She is also a Team GB Weightlifter, Commonwealth Bronze Medalist, recently representing Team GB at the 2012 Olympics.


Leighton Bellamore | Coach Educator

My coaching philosophy is to help people realize and reach their true potential through improvement of both lifestyle, mobility and training. My main training approach is based around functional training, where whole body functional movements are incorporated to get the body working at its full capacity.


Charlie Large | Coach Educator

My sporting background was in rugby, whilst I now train to compete in Olympic weightlifting.

My main passion in life is training, researching and coaching. My experience has seen me coach athletes from many different disciplines including, The Gold winning GB inline hockey, GB cadet judo world champion, national and international Rugby, MMA, and performance swimming.


Evelyn Stevenson | Coach Educator

My training Philosophy is be Simple and Correct. Learn to train properly, technique and correct application, getting strong at doing the simple things properly and the rest will follow.


John Hanna | Coach Educator

Since November 2010, I have worked as a  Weightlifting Coach in several Crossfit Clubs. I have personal trained both individuals and small groups, developing technique, strength and sports performance. I write periodised programmes to support clients in their own training and I run a class on Weightlifting Technique.

My current personal bests are 150kg Snatch, 185kg Clean and Jerk and 200kg Clean


Aaron Bolton | Coach Educator

“Once a person can demonstrate proper movement and control, they should focus on becoming strong, powerful and athletic. This is achieved through appropriate periodised programming, a motivational coach and above all, a desire for success”


Rosi Sexton | Coach Educator

Rosi is a Coach Educator and a former UFC Fighter.


Miles Fineman Bulger | Coach Educator

Miles is a Coach Educator and Weightlifter.


Delroy McQueen | Senior Coach Educator

Delroy is a Coach Educator and Powerlifter.


Damo Legder | Senior Coach Educator

Damo is a Coach Educator


Steve Hill | Coach Educator

Steve is a Coach Educator


Hadyn Ward | Coach Educator

Hadyn is a Coach Educator


Emily Godley | Coach Educator


‘Work hard and the results will come. Learn the techniques correctly before increasing load and most importantly, enjoy your training and have a laugh!’


Chris Freebury | Senior Coach Educator

I am a firm believer in leading by example when It comes to coaching and that strength and conditioning can serve as a vital part of both physical and psychological aspects of athlete development.

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach I aim to address the multifactorial nature of sports and performance training including injury prevention, technical development and developing strength and other physical qualities that culminate towards improved athleticism and longevity of sporting performance.

To achieve this, I remain adaptable and continue to learn and develop to ensure programming and coaching that promotes a consistent, monitorable and process-driven approach in pursuit of  an individuals’ goals.

Kristian Mcphee | Coach Educator

“After training in such a wide variety of sports including Parkour, Rock Climbing, Gymnastics and Skiing it became apparent to me that strength and conditioning is not only a fantastic way to improve performance but it is also a way to achieve longevity. I believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to build ‘body armour’ through safe and effective training allowing them to be adaptable to challenges in all sports and activities. Mental discipline speed, flexibility, strength and co-ordination are the foundations of a capable athlete and I love building these components into everyone!”


Josh James | Coach Educator

Over the past several years, Josh has invested time to develop his knowledge in order to give an athlete, sports team or simply a beginner starting their fitness journey research backed coaching and programming.


Sarah Davies | Coach Educator

Sarah is a Team GB Weighlifter and Paegant Queen. She is European under 23 Champion and placed 5th at the European Champs in 2017 and is current English Champion. Sarah is also a Weightlifting coach, delivering 121 and online coaching.



Owen Boxall | Coach Educator

Owen is a Team GB Weightlifter, Commonwealth Games athlete and currently competes in the 105kg division with his best lifts of 158/195.



Bobbie Ross | Coach Educator

Bobbie is a British medalist in both Gymnastics and Weightlifting. She also provides personal training and coaching in Kent.