I was quite apprehensive at the start of the session because I was quite considerably out my comfort Zone. But after chatting with John and Simon found them to be very down to earth and put me at ease. I found the sessions challenging and pushed me to my limits every time but John and Simon could notice when people were pushed that bit too far and were sensible enough to notice individuals limitations with understanding. The Stages of the Olympic lifts were broken down into segments and taught thoroughly and in great detail which led to a better understanding on my behalf. They also noticed some issues as regards my knee tracking which prevented perfection in my technique and also recommended how to fix the problem, which I found very helpful.

The kettlebell and conditioning sessions damn near killed me but I enjoyed finding out how far I could push myself, also you can’t really go on to coach other people these things if you haven’t been through them yourself!. A lot of interesting information was constantly being given throughout the weekend and I learned a hell of a lot from it. I look forward to progressing and hopefully doing my level 2 and start the sports nutrition course.

Thank you very much,

Ben Thompson


I was on your level 1 S&C course in Exeter this weekend with John and Billy instructing and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the course and the instructors.

The course is a great introduction to S&C and there was a good amount of information squeezed into the 2 days. A course however well written is only as good as the people who deliver it and John and Billy were superb. They go far beyond what is expected and do so with such energy and enthusiasm that it is impossible not to learn and enjoy the experience. They were brilliant with my injury and made allowances for it while keeping me very much part of the process. Their underpinning knowledge and experience is evident in the way that they teach and answer questions and their energy and motivation is infectious.

This attitude seems to runs through your whole organisation and everyone I have dealt with at has been friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my injury before my booking and also to John and Billy for running a fantastic course. I hope to see you soon on level 2




Just finished the Level 1! My shoulders hurt!! Lol! I would like to pass on my thanks & gratitude to Jon & Billy who were beyond excellent! The delivery was second to none. The experience, passion & pride was amazing and all my staff, not only enjoyed the course, but are already talking & thinking like better trainers because of it! The package was very informative/educational with a perfect balance of theory to practical. I personally, and I think I speak for my lads too, could have listened to the knowledge & wealth these guys have all day long!”

Sgt Toni Weir 2IC Gymnasium DCPG Southwick Park


After being introduced to Kettlebells in 2005 at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, I have strived to learn more about them and become an accomplished Kettlebell instructor. Being a physical training instructor in both the Royal Marines Reserve and for Babcock International Group, when I was given the chance to go on the DSW Education all-round S&C Level 1 course I couldn’t refuse.

The course involved a brief introduction to the team (Sam and John) and how the course was going to run. Then straight into an interesting short but effective warm up. We were then taught the techniques and practiced them until everyone on the course were happy to move on. The instruction was very good and the team created a positive friendly environment in which to learn the techniques. The team were also very free with their knowledge. By that I mean they would always add information or techniques that were not part of the level 1 course but more advanced level 2 and 3 content.

Day 1 of the course consisted of the Olympic Lifts and Power Lifts.

Day 2 consisted of the Kettlebell work which included a conditioning circuit and the practical assessment.

For the assessment we were asked to teach 1x Olympic lift, 1x Power lift and 1x Kettlebell exercises. We were then given 2 weeks to produce a 4 week S&C programme for the sport of your choice.

After completing the level 1 course with my colleagues, we implemented 2 of the programmes that we produced in to our training. After 8 weeks of training I noticed a vast improvement in my ability to perform the lifts. I also noticed that my physical appearance had improved.

So I booked myself onto the S&C level 2 course in Portsmouth with the Field Gun world record holders.

The format of the course was exactly the same as the level 1 course:

Day 1 – Olympic/Power lifts in the morning. Speed training and Plyometrics in the afternoon

Day 2 – Advanced Kettlebells and a roaring conditioning circuit in the morning with the practical assessment in the afternoon.

The assessment again consisted of three exercises. One from each element taught previously on the course.  1x Olympic/Power lift, 1x plyometric movement and 1x Kettlebell technique. This time the theory assessment was an 8 week programme incorporating everything taught on both S&C level 1 and 2 courses.

Once again the instruction was up to its usual standard and the whole team (Sam, John, Emma and Simon) were again free with their knowledge adding more value to the course. In addition the whole course were given a bottle of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Blend Oil (ask John about it) which was a nice gesture. Information surrounding the product was given allowing an informed choice with regards to using supplementation.

So having completed the S&C level 1 and level 2 course, the next stage would be to complete the level 3 course.

Both level 1 and 2 courses were run professionally, delivering quality instruction in a relaxed and positive environment, which made them fun to be part of. Any questions were answered in detail and in a way that made it easy to understand.

I would highly recommend both courses to my colleagues and anyone interested in Strength and Conditioning and Kettlebell  training.


Steve Rivett

Physical Training Instructor,

Royal Marines Reserves and Babcock International Group


I attended the level 1 strength and conditioning course in the West Midlands. I work in the NHS as a physio and I used to work in the fitness industry about a decade ago. We had a medium group for the weekend, everyone was well motivated but not quite sure to expect of the course. Within a few minutes of meeting Sam and John we knew we were in safe hands due to their levels of experience, enthusiasm for strength and conditioning, informative and easy to understand explanation of theory and a friendly, relaxed teaching style.

The practical sessions were fantastic. They coaching and demonstrations were top class and they instilled confidence in us every step of the way. Both coaches had a great eye for picking elements that each person had to work on. By the end of the Olympic weight lifting and power lifting on Day 1 all our techniques had come on massively and we all set personal bests.

Day 2 was Kettlebells, high intensity training and the practical exam. Physically this was a tough day. Once again, the motivation and coaching was spot on. The examination involved the coaching of 3 different techniques with a fellow course mate giving us a chance to put our newly found skills to the test.  The examination atmosphere was relaxed and this helped bring the best out in people.

The course was awesome, one of the best things I have done in my life. I really appreciated the excellent coaching and encouragement. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things and has helped re-energise me and the direction i want my life/career to go in. I am starting to get into my lifting properly now and have brought some of the principles into my treatment of patients.  I cannot wait to get signed up for Level 2.


Andy Condon, MCSP


The level 2 course exceeded my expectations as did the level of instruction by all the instructors.  They mixed theory well with practical sessions and their attention
to detail was second to none.  I was a bit apprehensive as of what to expect as I am not a huge fan of kettlebells but Sam and the others soon put my mind at ease with
their laid back but very professional attitude and in depth knowledge.  I came away have learnt something and that is by far the most important thing to me.

It was a pleasure meeting like minded people and I hope to work with the team in the future.”

Jonny Jacobs, BSc
Army Rugby Union and Army Boxing Strength and Conditioning Coach


After another excellent year, DSW Education have received some excellent testimonials about the learning experiences our students have had on our courses.

I just wanted to write to say a BIG thank you for the level 1 course I attended, it was brilliant to say the least. The trainers are excellent and very knowledgeable and made me feel very at ease. It was hard work they pushed us hard and it was great!! It was easily understood and I came away with so much knowledge and useful info it was the best course I have been on so far as a personal trainer!! It was worth every penny! I liked it so much that I’m itching to complete my level 2 training. Sam and the team are very professional very helpful and good fun and like I said very knowledgeable the course is highly recommended indeed I would say a must have for any PT!

Thank You

Carl Watkins – Personal Trainer


Just like to say I thought the level 3 was a fantastic course…. I learnt so much and just goes to show even though I’ve been working at elite level sport for 7 years, you never know enough…..

You both delivered the course so precisely and made it so easy to understand.

I’m now very interested in doing the rest of your courses on offer as I have total confidence in what you deliver and know it will make me a better conditioning coach…..

Thank you very much guys….. Totally awesome!!!

James Knight


Upon taking over my assignment within the Naval Base it was clear to me that within the department there was a clear skill set failing around the delivery of Functional training incorporating Kettlebells and Olympic lifting.  In conjunction with other key players within the regional setup we decided to up skill our individuals to enable us to deliver our vision for the way we wanted to move forward.

From recommendation I contacted the DSW Education team and we arranged the L1 S&C course for my team.  Having been a Physical Trainer for 13 years I was shocked at how much I gained from the course, a view echoed throughout those who undertook the training.  The course was delivered in a very slick, professional but relaxed manner and was more than value for money for what we have gained as a collective.

My departments output has been greatly enhanced by the DSW Education team, so much so that we are now looking forward to the L2 course shortly.

Even greater impact has been to our own personnel training and the proof in the pudding was seen at this year’s annual Field Gun competition in June.  All of the Physical Trainers within the team that had completed the L1 course incorporated the training within the preseason preparations for the Crew.  The results speak for themselves as we broke the 11 year old World record no less than four times and smashed the aggregate record by an amazing 16 seconds.

We invited Sam and his team down to witness the competition and they were amazed to see the difference they had made to our physiques and conditioning and ultimate success.

If you want to make a difference to your Gymnasium, department, your delivery as a PT or even your own training goals, get these guys involved!!

We plan on achieving the L3 S&C in due course and are also looking to undertake the new Sports Nutrition courses.

DSW Education – Many thanks


Chief Petty Officer Physical Trainer – Her Majesties Naval Base Portsmouth

Crew Captain – HMNB Portsmouth Field Gun Crew 2011 – World Record Holders



I recently attended a DSW Education S&C Level 1 course and I must admit, the course was very good, plenty of practical work, group discussions on S&C and other related topics and the instructon we received was excellent. The course is two days long, with a practical assessment at the end of day two (teaching a client three exercises, 1 x Olympic Lift, 1 x  Powerlifting Exercise and  1 x Kettlebell Exercise.  In addition, we were set a task where we had to produce a 4 week S&C Mesocyle in regards to a sport of our choice. This was required to be emailed  to the instructor within two weeks of completing the course in order to attain a pass. All three of us who attended this course from the Army, believe it was a fantastic two days and we’re all keen to apply for the Level 2 course later this year. In addition, this course would give RAPTCI’s a fantastic opportunity to enhance their knowledge which they can then pass on to their unit PTI’s.

Samuel Leng

Sgt (SI) RAC Trg Regt


Another great course taken with Sam and John.

Your course was the next level information and exactly what is needed in the armed forces. Totally orientated around the needs of the tactical athlete in all fighting environments.

The second day if the course was something I will never forget. When John said “the conditioning circuit will be putting the body into a life threatening situation” he wasn’t joking.

It was the hardest circuit I have ever done….well what I can remember of it anyway. It was backed up with great theory and that enhanced what we learnt even more.

Thanks guys

Matt Brown.


Just Attended the DSW Education S&C level 1 the past weekend in Dublin. This was the best course I ever done.Billy was a real inspiration I’d like to personally thank him for sharing his vast Knowledge/experience and passion for the industry and Also for his advise and guidance. He’s a real asset to your company. it was a real eye opener and very thought provoking fun two days. The delivery of information was top class and I loved Billy’s down to earth Light style of teaching. It was refreshing to meet a group of other people with the same passion for fitness as me.I came away from the weekend newly motivated and learned way more then I could ever of imagined. All in all I would highly recommend this course to anybody. look forward to doing level two course in the future. Thanks Andrew Dolan

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks for the course you ran for us at RRU Catterick.

When providing a regional course to enhance delivery of rehabilitation you want to ensure that value for money and training quality is met.  Unfortunately the quality of training courses over the years has varied considerably when using external providers.  Because of this it was not without anxiety when I requested your services.   However I needn’t have worried as the content of the course and quality of the instruction were second to none.  The ration of staff to students was impressive and their different backgrounds only helped to enhance the course.

I have had numerous emails asking me to pass on thanks from those that attended the course with comments such as ‘best course I have done in my military career’ to ‘the instructors were massively knowledgeable and could deliver difficult concepts with ease using a mixture of science and real world experience from operating with elite athletes’.  Personally, as one of the least knowledgeable in contemporary strength and conditioning concepts, I felt like I probably gained more than any other on the course and really appreciated the time Rob took to individually bring me on.  I would happily recommend your training courses to other’s and hope that we can work together again with the aim of delivering tailored training courses to Northern based Exercise Rehabilitation Instructors.

Thanks one more and please pass on my thanks to your instructors.


WO2 (QMSI) Steven Baker


The Course provided my staff with the tools to deliver effective and functional Strength & Conditioning Programmes with their Personal Training clients. This hands on course is no-nonsense, yet fun and functional. It is expertly delivered and empowers trainers to deliver S&C programmes and include Olympic lifts in a periodised training plan. This course is a must for any recreational lifter wanting to maximise technique in Olympic lifts or any Personal Trainer that wants to see strength gains with their clients over a sustained period of time

Neil Perkins, Managing Director, Fighting Fit City Gym, Professional Heavyweight Boxer, former two-time Midlands champion and Sparring Partner to David Haye


I wholeheartedly recommend the DSW Education team to anyone/ any company who is looking to advance their knowledge of Strength & Conditioning, not only from a coaching perspective but also to improve their own lifting techniques. Sam and his team delivered a professional and informative package that was tailored specifically to our needs. Since undertaking this course my instructors have adapted the majority of their resistance training classes to implement the lifting techniques we were coached through on the Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Course. We are all working hard to improve our technique in order to progress to level 2.” Kirk Evans BA(Hons) QTS RAF

provided a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Course at RAF Cranwell. The course was thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone who participated has expressed how impressed they were by the vast level of knowledge of the instructors and also the mannerism of their delivery making a very enjoyable learning environment.

When we broke into small groups for practical work, the instructors got everyone working to their optimal level taking each individuals strengths and weaknesses into account, greatly improving everyone’s technique and coaching ability.

John Buckland gave various lectures, I feel he really encompassed the individual levels he was dealing with and adapted the information, he went over and above the standard expected and the extent of his knowledge was invaluable, leaving everyone wanting to learn more. I think I can speak for everyone when I say I will be looking forward to further training with .

I would like to say a massive thank you to the team, from the organisation and the running of the course, everyone has been a pleasure to work with.

Gemma Boal


The courses delivered by the team at cover an extensive field in strength & conditioning and nutrition in a concise and effective manner, giving even the most qualified of individuals a further insight to athletic development. Throughout the team, both the knowledge and passion shine through, whilst providing effective teaching through a range of effective teaching styles, benefiting a wide range of individuals. I’d highly recommend the courses at to anybody of any level looking to get into strength & conditioning and/or nutrition, or to just simply support an individuals’ CPD. I speak for not only me but the students on the courses I have attended, when I say the depth of practical knowledge is delivered with an optimal balance of both practical and theory, supported with excellent feedback from all the team. The assessments provided on the course also encourage further individual CPD in a more practical setting, making the courses ideal for those wishing to apply theory to their specific environment. The courses I have completed to date really have opened my eyes to lots of new information, theories and methods despite having already obtained extensive knowledge during my MSc and BSc in Sport Science. It has been a pleasure to meet the team and I look forward to working with in the future. Their passion for athletic development really shines through the whole team and they work as a unit to apply a wide variety of disciplines to obtain end goals including Osteopathic assessment, S&C principles and nutrition. Whether you are looking to improve as an individual or as a coach, offer the most advanced courses to optimise health and performance…I’m looking forward to the next course already- “Be the best you can be”.

Paul Morgan, MSc, BSc
Exeter City FC Lead in Strength & Conditioning


With regard to the weekend course and instructor I have to say both exceeded my expectations and have not come out of a course in a long time where my head has not been fried with information. I left the course very satisfied with all the information and felt I have retained it all. As for the instructor I could not fault him on a single thing excellent in every respect and a pure gent also.

David Cafolla