Program Design Workshops

Workshop Title:

  • Program Design

What makes our workshop unique compared to other providers:

  • Our program design workshop, doesn’t just cover traditional periodisation. We also cover many other variations of periodisation, including, undulating, Conjugate and review the influence of Weightlifting systems on periodisation models. We also look at program design based on training age, performance tests and fibre type analysis. This is approach is unique within the UK.

 What will you learn:

  • History of Periodisation
  • Traditional Periodisation, covering Macrocycles, Mesocycles, Microcycles
  • Modern Periodisation
  • Periodisation & its application based on training age and fibre dominance
  • Types of training cycles, Linear, Step and Wave Cycles
  • Undulating periodisation
  • Conjugate periodisation
  • Advanced systems

 Workshop Duration:

  •  One day, theory based workshop over 8 hour’s duration.

 Entry Requirements:

  • Level 3 & 4 Advanced Personal Trainer’s/Exercise Specialists
  • Sports coaches
  • Police force PT’s
  • Fire department PT’s
  • Military PTI’s

Certification & CPD points

  • A DSW Education certificate will be issued, upon successful completion of your assessments. 4 CPD points– to help meet your continual professional development requirements

Workshop Cost

  • £165.00

Workshop Benefits:

  • Each student will receive an in depth colour manual covering;
  • Program Design students will learn the fundamentals of program design and periodisation and on completion of the workshop, be able to plan and design a program for athletes.
  • Achieve DSW Education Program Design certificate.
  • Support & Guidance from DSW Education on your future CPD.

Additional Benefits:

  • Continual Professional Development with DSW Education. Automatic discount on further workshops and seminars